Lab on a Chip

  • Millifluidic Chips
  • Polymeric Millifluidic Chips – Specialty
  • Polymeric Millifluidic Chips – Generic
  • Property
  • Hydrodynamic & snake mixer
  • Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic
  • Use
  • In situ time resolved analysis, catalysis & cell culture & analysis
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials & chemicals
  • Applications
  • College & Research students can carry out
  • Controlled synthesis of chemicals & nanomaterials
  • Continuous flow catalysis
  • Understanding reaction mechanisms & kinetics

  • High school students can learn about
  • Experimentally and computationally physics and chemistry of fluids in small volume
  • Lab on a chip device for STEM Learning

  • Millifluidic Devices
  • Single Channel Digital Millifluidic Device
  • Two Pump Tubular Chip Millifluidic Devices for Organics
  • Digital Millifluidic Device for Flow Focusing / Microdroplet Generation
  • Double Channel Digital Millifluidic Device
  • Multi-Channel Digital Millifluidic Device
  • Advantages
  • Easy to Handle,Easy to Clean
  • No requirement of Skilled persons
  • Cheap & Easy to transport
  • No Need to special Kind of Instrumentation Set Up
  • Easy to Connect with UV & Fluorescence Microsopy
  • Properties & Use
  • A hand-held device equipped with pumps, a flow controller, a manifold and millifluidic chip.
  • Simultaneously carry out four different operations on four different channels.
  • Capture video and images of the fluid dynamics within the different channels.
  • Flow rates from 0.2 to 3.0 ml/min.
  • Use for combinatorial synthesis & field applications.
  • Digitally operated  and computer controlled flow control and setting.
  • Suitable for a variety of water-based reactions.
  • Ready-to-use in situ time resolved probe for reactions for applications in chemistry, catalysis and nanotechnology.
  • Millifluidica devices can be integrated with even a synchrotron beam lines or any spectroscopy technique.

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